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Padel Bags for Your Entire Equipment at Padel-Point

Padel players have a lot of equipment that needs safe carrying to and from the court. The reason? Simple: you don’t want your padel rackets and balls, your padel clothing and padel shoes and all the other accessoires you need for your match damaged or to get wet on your way to the facility. 

Whether you are looking for padel racket bags, padel backpacks or traditional sports bags: in our padel online shop, we have a massive range of padel bags for women and men, girls and boys, as well as plenty of unisex bags. You will find bags from all the renowned manufacturers, such as Wilson, HEAD, Black Crown, Bull Padel, adidas, BIDI BADU, Starvie, Nike, and many more.


What Should I Keep in Mind When Buying a Padel Bag? 

Before you buy a new padel bag, you should ask yourself what features matter most to you. Do you want it to be spacious with enough room for several padel rackets, plus your padel shoes and clothes? Or relatively small and handy, with space for one or two rackets and a basic set of sportswear? 

Apart from features and looks––the eye longs to be pleased as well, of course––you should also consider how you want to carry your padel bag. Like a backpack, over your shoulder or in hand? Luckily, for all those who don’t want to be tied to one way of carrying their bag, plenty of smart handle combinations are available. 

Which Padel Bag Should it Be – Racket Bag, Sports Bag or Backpack? 

Most padel bag manufacturers offer various options to safely and comfortably transport your padel equipment to the court. At Padel-Point, we have the following padel bag categories:

Classic racket bags are the first choice for many padel players. They are available in different sizes, from small models for one or two padel rackets to middle-sized padel racket bags up to the large variant with space for six or more rackets. What’s more, large padel racket bags usually offer plenty of space for your shoes and clothes, as well as other accessories. That way, everything you need on the padel court fits into just one bag.

What comes in handy is that many racket and sports bags offer a combined carrying system allowing you to carry it any way you want to: in hand, over the shoulder or on your back.

Sports bags offer similar space for your padel equipment. They easily fit several rackets, as well as your clothes, shoes and accessories. On top of that, sports bags are also good to travel with, and you can also use them for any other sport, of course. 

If you like it rather small and practical, perhaps because you use the bicycle or public transport to get to the court, a padel backpack might be the perfect choice for you. These handy sports backpacks offer sufficient room for one or two padel rackets and easily fit a pair of padel shoes and your padel outfit. And you have the advantage of carrying your padel equipment on your back.


Insulated Racket Compartments, Shoe & Clothes Pockets 

Many padel bags come with several extra compartments offering useful features. Special thermo-insulated pockets, for example, protect your rackets against heat, thus increasing their life expectancy, simply because the material is under less stress. Another very useful feature is separate pockets for your shoes that help keep the rest of your equipment clean.

An extra compartment for wet clothes contains unpleasant smells and prevents your other padel clothing from getting wet. Furthermore, most padel racket bags, padel backpacks and sports bags have various extra pockets for keys, phones, wallets, and other accessories. This way, you can carry everything you need in just a single bag––neat, tidy and safe.

Large Selection of Padel Bags at Fair Rates 

At Padel-Point, you will find a wide range of the latest padel bags as well as timeless classics. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, an adult or a child––we certainly have the right bag for you! Discover appealing designs, bright colours and plenty of practical features. If you prefer simple elegance, we also have the matching products for you. Simply order from home, and as soon as we have received your payment, your new padel bag is on its way to your house. Enjoy browsing through our shop!

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